Heather Green FTW

I just put on the Heather Green album again (hear it on Rdio HERE), and it’s grabbed me all over again. How lucky are we to have her? EXTREMELY. I would recommend the following:

– get bbq. set up on patio.
– get a few beer (your choice on brand)
– play “Your Last War”
– grill. swig. listen. [dance if you feel like it]

You won’t regret this.

The Coast says:

“The second album of her young career, Heather Green’s Your Last War is a reverb- soaked pop-rocker that sounds like it was pulled from a nook between Radiohead’s The Bends and OK Computer. Dynamic layering gives the album a refined feel (unusual for a home recording) with handclaps and doubled vocals giving the record a gospel tone. From the feedback-laden and delay knob twiddling opening riffs of “Salvation” to the echoey cooing strains of “Hey Chelsea” Green’s vocals soar in the reverberated ice cavern that is Daniel Ledwell’s production. Not only is this album a testament to Green’s power as a performer, but a sign of Ledwell’s Daniel Lanois-esque depth as a sound engineer.”