Looking For: Videographer or Animator For A Small Project

UPDATE: I found my person. Stay tuned for video in the next little while 🙂

Hello friends, both old and new,

RHR is looking for a special person to help bring our company’s story and brand to life via animated video or a unique and creative short film.  If you are interested in applying for the gig, or for more information, please email Janesta (at) rockinghorseroad.ca and let’s chat.

You may be a company or a student, that doesn’t matter. We just need someone who is very creative, professional, on budget and up for a challenge.



Happy New Year! Happy New Albums!


RHR in the UK

RHR is live posting at the moment from Cambridge in the UK. A gorgeous city in England, and our new home for the month.

We have a new client here, the first newbie of 2014. Enter The Cocksure Lads!

With an album release later this month, TCL was formed by Moxy Fruvous’ Mike Ford and Murray Foster (also of Great Big Sea). This is their take on a fictional british band from the 60s. The songs are brit-centric but don’t let the ‘schtick’ fool you, these are lovely tracks! Love songs such as “When You Walk”, “The Surprising Thing”, “Easy Peasy” and “Not Today” would be at home in any Hugh Grant film :). Being in England at the moment, this has literally become my trip’s soundtrack! Happy and fun.

RHR has also recently delivered its clients’ new releases (or soon to be released albums) to the mailing list. If you’ve not received your link, let us know! New for January 2014:

Dave Marsh and The True Love Rules – The Cause of Many Troubles (edgy pop-rock, or “mod/glam/proto-punk (a bit of Bowie, a bit of the Jam“)

Sherman Downey & The Ambiguous Case – The Sun in Your Eyes (fun folk!)

The Olympic Symphonium – Chance To Fate (alt folk, pretty harmonies)

The Cocksure Lads – Mad Lad Plans (60’s Brit-pop)