HUFF – The Halifax Urban Folk Festival, is now in its 5th year (I believe?), and it starts THIS weekend (Sunday, August 24th!) and runs straight through to September 1st. Artists will be performing in several venues throughout the city, showcasing singer songwriters of international acclaim as well as some homegrown talent.

You know Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum?.. he’s there for a bunch of nights. Or Steve Poltz? …of course he’ll be there (it’s his second home). Garland Jeffries, Brian Potvin from Northern Pikes… there is a lot to cover. However, I would like to outline the 4 RHR artists that will be playing the festival, and one of them just happens to be the feature artist for RHR’s Thursday Track this week. Funny, that… 🙂

(click on the artist name to view their HUFF profile and show time / venue)

Now, the Thursday Track this week comes from Adam Washburn. His EP Beautiful Things, was recorded by Dale Murray (The Guthries, Cuff The Duke, many more), and features background vocals from he and his partner, Christina Martin. The song “Dead of Winter” is track one from the EP. Take a listen and go out to see Adam at HUFF!!



It’s passed very quickly, but we still have a month of summer left and we’re celebrating with Quake Matthews‘ insta-hit, “Summertime Win” feat. Dylan Guthro. I don’t feel the need to have to sell this one too hard.

With radio ads picking up, and no samples to worry about, this song is easy to clear and easy to play on REPEAT! Turn it up and drive. Or bbq. Or whatever you want to do with the rest of YOUR summer!