SO happy to be able to share this now! Express and Company (Dylan Ireland and Melissa Payne) appeared on CTV / NBC’s Saving Hope last night, covering a traditional song called “Now I’m 64” in a particularly emotional scene.

I would advocate watching the whole episode to get the full effect, but if you simply want to check out the band performing, HERE is the scene!

You can also hear the full version of the song below.

Thank you to everyone on set, who were so welcoming, and David Hayman for his dedication, cheerleading and work as music supervisor.

I will keep this very simple.

Dave Marsh and the True Love Rules‘ album The Cause of Many Troubles is one of my favourite records, and the track “This is How We Say Goodnight” is simply brilliant. Tell me the last artist, aside from Bowie, that delivered you a song like this.  It’s new, it’s old, it’s familiar but it’s original, it’s dark but comforting. It’s A DAMN GOOD SONG. SO good for placements. PUT IT IN YOUR MOVIE NOW!




I was in a Halifax diner yesterday with my dad and Ria Mae‘s FABULOUS new single came on. It sounds great on the radio. Even in a diner, even while sitting with my dad, I couldn’t help but to bop about to “Clothes Off’. It’s groovy, sexy, cool.. but don’t just take my word for it – PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW.

This single was released on Sept 16th and will appear on Ria’s new album (which is equally as great). Produced by Classified, who’s ‘Inner Ninja’ won him all sorts of things in last year’s award season, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the industry will be voting for “Clothes Off” in 2015!

Hear here: