RHR artist Thursday Track(s) – Nov. 27th

Inspired by a great cover by our newest signing Anne Janelle, we’re making today’s Thursday Track post one with some of our artists’ cover songs (available for licensing, of course ;)).

First – Anne Janelle’s most excellent cover of the traditional folk song, “Black is the Colour (of my true love’s hair)”

Here’s Gabrielle Papillon’s take on “In the Pines”

Then we have Express and Company’s Melissa Payne‘s solo version of Matt Mays’ “Downtown”

And finally for this week’s post, Ryan Cook featuring Jennah Barry with Hank Snow’s “It Don’t Hurt Anymore”. Side note: Hank Snow was from right here in Nova Scotia, don’t cha know!


RHR’s new exclusive signing – Christina Martin!

We are very excited to announce that RHR is signing Christina Martin exclusively for her upcoming Feb 2015 release, “It’ll Be Alright”. It is a true game changer of an album for her. The songs are strong pop / rock tunes with killer licks, tasteful grooves and a bit of an 80s Pretenders / early U2 / Stevie Nicks vibe at times.

I will be sending the album out to supes on my list next week. If you are not on my music supervisor delivery list, please send me a note asap (see contact section).

There is absolutely no doubt that this record and the tour will be her biggest and most widely received effort yet. We’re proud of you, Christina, and we’re so happy to have you be part of the family!


RHR Artist Thursday Track – November 13

This could fit many a scene, but right now, it’s helping me get through cleaning the apartment. Great energy and the vocals, provided by the excellent Elle Ray just make me feel like a powerhouse with a broom. Take that dust bunnies. You are MINE.

Seriously though – our Australian producer Stufly has mentioned he’s really proud of this ‘electronic edgy pop’ track. We at RHR are proud of him for turning out the killer new tracks on the “Colours” release.. but yeah.. especially this one. Put this in your movie / tv show / speakers. And if you need to, put it on repeat and dance around the house with your broom. Take it from me… it’s hella fun.


Adam Baldwin & Blue Rodeo – Lost Together

I’ve written many times (here and on the socials) about my adoration of our young Adam Baldwin. Now I’ve got Blue Rodeo to back me up! After opening the band’s show last Sunday, Baldwin was invited to play acoustic and sing backup on “Lost Together”. Just before verse 2, Keelor walks toward him, adjusts the mic, and walks away smiling. Adam is a performer, touring on his own and with Matt Mays for  years now, so he was up to the challenge and nailed it… even sneaking in a ‘HOLY SHIT!’ between the end of the verse and jumping back in to the chorus with the rest of the band. That’s our boy. Way to go, bud!

Watch the whole thing here, or ffwd to approx 1:35: