Michael Feuerstack on Q & A Globe and Mail Love Letter


It was a good 14 years ago that I fell in love with Michael Feuerstack‘s s music, when he went by the name ‘Snailhouse’. I saw him play in a crowded upstairs room at The Khyber in Halifax, Nova Scotia on a rainy afternoon and I’ve been an uberfan ever since. His work in Wooden Stars is also terrific, but his solo stuff, to me at least, is magical. I did have one of his tunes as a ringtone for a while too. I fangirled out and showed him once, all smiles and holding my phone up in front of him like it was made of gold. Geek move, but whatever. Fans are weird, it’s just a fact.

Anyway – The Globe and Mail recently published a story FINALLY singing his praise, with Canadian musicians imparting very kind words, and helping to educate the rest of the country on Mike’s brilliance as a songwriter. READ IT HERE. 

RHR has the pleasure of having Mike on our roster. When we signed him on, I was over the friggin’ moon. His new album The Forgettable Truth is out now. I’m posting my jam “The Devil” below, as well as his in-studio performance on Q (you know, that show that used to be Jian Gomeshi’s on CBC) of “Clackity Clack”. I believe that might be Jeremy Gara from Arcade Fire on Drums.. am I right?


Thursday Track: Like Old Guitars (Ryan Cook + Jay Smith)

I know I haven’t posted a Thursday Track in a while. So busy around these parts! Sometimes, when one gets busy, things tend to be taken for granted. That is never good. I am reminded of this as I listened to today’s Thursday Track. In the middle of a pitch, I played Ryan Cook’s “Like Old Guitars” and it hit me in the face. Not only are the lyrics so beautiful, but I was reminded of the first time I heard it.

I was after Ryan and Jay Smith to write together. I thought they’d get along. Jay liked to write with others. Ryan was new at it at the time. They got together one night, and this song came out of it. Both of the guys sent it to me and said how much they liked writing it together. I was so pleased. When Ryan recorded it on his “Wrestling With Deamons” record, I was pumped. A song like that should not be kept in email inboxes.

Sadly, Jay has now since passed away. There is a benefit show this Saturday in Halifax (also coming to Vancouver and Toronto with other acts), in Jay’s memory. The Halifax show’s proceeds will be sent to the Unison Benevolent Fund and The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.  If you are interested in attending, please get tickets to “Remembering Jay Smith, Feat. Matt Mays, Adam Baldwin, Carmen Townsend and more” HERE: http://www.sonicconcerts.com/remembering-jay-smith/ 

We miss you, Jay. Thanks for the tunes.

Like Old Guitars (Cook / Smith)

Love of my life, oh what’s that you say?
As the day turns night, changing the plans we’ve made
And Your heart is saying in this game you play
It’s time to make your move
Hold the hand of someone new Like old guitars do…

All of my life, I’ve been waiting to see the day
when things will work out right and lady luck will walk my way
but the years keep passing and I keep asking
myself why you look so blue?
With your scars in perfect view Like old guitars do…

Take another look, before you pass me by
cause I’m old but I’m pure as gold when you hold me right

Nothing in this world ever goes as planned
But your song gets sung when it lands in the right hands

One of these nights, we will meet again someway
if the moment’s right, and we have got time out the way
And when you hold my hands you’ll understand
and the feeling will come back to you

Like a song that you once knew
Just like just old guitars do