If you were anywhere near the Canadian Indie scene in the 2000s (or perhaps even if you weren’t), you probably know Jim Guthrie.

You might know him from his brilliant solo albums (including Now, More Than Ever – pictured above), or from the Three Gut Records crew or his other band, Royal City. You may know him from the book that’s written about him. You may know him from his work on video games and / or the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. You may know him from his ad compositions including the now pretty famous “Hands In My Pocket” for Capital One. Either way – if you know him and his work, then you’ve GOT to know that we are SO LUCKY to be able to announce….Jim Guthrie is now an RHR artist!

Songs from his solo and side projects are now available to license EXCLUSIVELY by Rocking Horse Road Productions.  Some of Jim’s songs are posted below (a terrible task to try and pick just 1), or you can hop over to his bandcamp to hear more.

Jim Guthrie!



New Music from #RHRartist Pilot To Bombardier


It’s not secret that we love us some Bryan Power songs, and with the new Pilot To Bombardier release, Wild Bells, we are SURELY not disappointed! The songwriting on this record is superb. I even shed a tear or two on a train from Cambridge to London while listening to “The Day We Soared”. That’s not happened, ever. Check out that and “I Am The Snowfall” below, or listen to the whole thing HERE.

From CBC Music:

“Pilot to to Bombardier’s music recalls the folk country musings of Neil Young, Magnolia Electric Company, Guy Clark and The Band mixing hoedowns with an abundance of slow-jams in each set.” (The Scope)

With an alt-country feel and a penchant for haunting harmonies, Pilot to Bombardier writes and performs songs that are both “suave and sophisticated.” (Salty Ink)Influenced by such music greats as Ryan Adams, Gram Parsons and Jason Molina, Pilot to Bombardier’s songs speak to the heart of the listener.  With insightful musical observations on love and loss, explorations into our sense of place and our understanding of self, they are armed with music to captivate their audience.

Pilot to Bombardier has been relentless to make their quest to make their songs heard. Their 2012. release, “Juliet on Fire Keep Clear”, brought them from the east coast of Canada to western Europe, garnered multiple award nominations, and put them on the stage with the likes of Dan Mangan and The Wooden Sky.  With no glitz or glamour, just armed with searing songs and a stellar band, Pilot to Bombardier has build a loyal fan base that continues to expand. They have set the course to soar.


RHR Signs Two Composers – Joel Thompson and Erasmus Talbot!


While gathering new tracks for the RHR production music library, we have found two composer / sound designers that were so great that we signed them to the RHR sync roster as well! Both are available for bespoke work and have pre-recorded tracks that could fit your project. More information on these guys, Joel Thompson and Erasmus Talbot, below!

JOEL THOMPSON is a Yarmouth, Nova Scotia native -which just happens to be my hometown as well, don’t ya know. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Joel started his career as a composer / multi-instrumentalist / mix engineer in Los Angeles. His resume includes work in film and television, including on HBO’s Big Love, ABC’s Forever, Nat Geo’s Great Migrations, and The CW’s iZombie. Please let us know if you would like samples of Joel’s work!

ERASMUS TALBOT 0f Stockholm, Sweeden, started as a sound designer and composer at Disney Interactive and now runs his own composing and sound effects studio, working for BBC, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and more. He is currently the composer for the UK video game series Elite: Dangerous, now in its second season. Check out a ‘behind the music’ video for that project, featuring Erasmus, HERE. You can also check out the Elite: Dangerous OST on Spotify!

RHR Announcement: The Rocking Horse Road Production Music Library


We have been keeping this project under wraps for what feels like eons, so I’m super thrilled to announce that, in the next few months, Rocking Horse Road will be launching its new production music library.

We’ve consulted with some of the best music supervisors in the TV / film / web and advertising worlds, and with a new manager at the helm (more on that later!), Rocking Horse Road is jumping headfirst in to the world of production music licensing.

Our new system will be very user friendly with pre-fab pricing, all one stop pre-cleared tracks, totally hassle free, and you can browse without signing in, etc. We aim to be as transparent as possible and deliver you high quality production music at a FAIR price.

If you are an artist or composer that has some pieces which you would like to share with us for review, or you want more information on being included in this library, please email us at the address featured on the contacts page.

If you are a library USER and you are not already on our music mail-out list, send along your email address and we’ll be sure to copy you on the official launch announcement!

Rocking Horse Road – your Atlantic Canadian sync agency – is growing. We are so excited!

– JB

It’s our pleasure to announce… JON EPWORTH & the MIRACLE SWEAT!


I’ve been pitching this album since last year, but it’s finally released! I absolutely LOVE Jon Epworth & The Miracle Sweat. If you know Jon from his days in Dean Malenkos and / or his solo stuff, you will know that this is still classic Jon – just grown up and a little more sophisticated.

Epworth now has a new point of view and some important things to say. You have to stay keen to the lyrics and you’ll get it, but ultimately – this is a soul / funk record full of Epworth’s signature combo of attitude and energy. Think Faith No More meets the Dap Kings. Think dancing in the kitchen while cooking or dancing in the street in New Orleans… think FUN.

Have some fun!

Have some more fun and listen to the whole damn thing: https://jonepworth.bandcamp.com


Christina Martin and Sorrey release new singles/ videos!

Two of our top ladies here at RHR have released new videos for their current singles. Take a looky below!

Christina Martin – You Ran From Me.

Directed by Kristy Wagner at home in Nova Scotia, this video is shot beautifully. It features a gorgeous horse, also 🙂 -oh and Miss Christina looks very much like the rockstar that she is. We love her so!

Sorrey – My Fault.

Our synth pop queen from PEI, Sorrey, has released a new video for the track, ” My Fault” from last year’s BRILLIANT debut Thick As Thieves. Fontwoman Emily Sorrey tells Exclaim!,

“The song is about a white-flag approach to an argument and resorting to the path of least resistance. There’s a certain immediate relief in surrender, and the video aims to capture the melancholic nature of this type of resolve.”

Hey Em,… nailed it!


Schrotten Wins at Max Ophüls Festival


The new German film, Schrotten, will be out this May but screened early at Max Ophüls Film Festival. To the film team’s delight, it won the Audience Choice Award!

We worked with Music Supervisor Pia Hoffmann to secure two placements for #RHRartists in this one – “In The Woods” by Kim Harris and “Mistakes” by Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound. We wish this film and its team all the best!