Press love for new music by AA Wallace!


AA Wallace’s new release, In Alpha Zones, is getting some nice praise from Canadian press! See below for the new video, “Shake It Out” and some of Exclaim! and NOW Toronto’s nice words. Supes – this is coming to your inbox later today! Release date is tomorrow, March 11th (Culvert).

 Listening to In Alpha Zones, the latest release from Nova Scotia ex-pat AA Wallace, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the sort of teen coming-of-age dramedies that John Hughes excelled at. Wallace brings that same sort of mixed emotion to his music that is at the same time fun and upbeat, but tempered by an air of cynicism, like dancing to get over an ex, except that the ex just so happens to be life in general. Take the track “SUCCESS,” a song filled with groovy bass riffs, playful synth tones and even a soul-clap breakdown, despite Wallace nearly hissing overtop. It’s these contrasts that really push In Alpha Zones to the next level. – Exclaim! (8/10)

 …there are plenty of hooks and catchy choruses to hang on to here. There are elements of bands like The Rentals and Eels, but with more nostalgia, presented with funk beats or ’80s synth sounds.NOW



Team RHR: JB, Alanna and now w/ Emma and Steve!


I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our little RHR team. Until recently, I’ve run the company completely on my own with help from my lifeline Alanna Swinemar when I felt myself becoming overwhelmed, or if I was away. Now we’ve grown to include TWO new people. This is big news! Please say hi to Steve and Emma!

Emma Cassidy – Music Supervisor in Training. Emma is a Music Business student who is with us for her work term. We have started her early, so she’s now learning the ropes and helping with sync projects, research and some writing for our upcoming production music library. During her time with us, Emma will learn about supervision from the sync side – we’ll introduce her to briefs, metadata, master and publishing clearance, etc. Happy to have her!

Steve Calder – Music Library Manager. Steve is a talker, but I don’t always know what he’s saying through his thick accent. He is from Newcastle in the UK, where he also works in sync with UK publisher Wipeout Music. Steve is now responsible for setting up the production music library, securing new business, hiring composers / artists, curating playlists and much more. You will likely see Steve out on the road as RHR’s rep at conferences and festivals. Ask him to buy you a beer. Contact Steve with any of your library questions: library[at]