Welcome DYLAN MENZIE to the RHR Family!!


I met Dylan Menzie in person about a week ago in Charlottetown, PEI. It was the day that he released his new album, Adolescent Nature. I, along with some other delegates, were at a songwriter challenge listening session. Dylan came up to present one of his songs, and admitted that he had written (along with singer songwriter KASHKA), and recorded it in only 2 hours. He played it in that listening room and then performed it in a theatre later that night, and each time, it hit me in the face. Like, it ‘got to me’. This dude’s voice is something else. Team members Steve and Emma also agreed. Then I set out on a mission to nab him before anyone else did. Success! We got Dylan Menzie, and we couldn’t he happier.

While he often draws comparisons to Atlantic Canada’s own Joel Plaskett (which I understand), and Ron Sexsmith, this guy also has written some tracks here that Paul Simon would be proud to call his own. His music is both very honest and very catchy (which is another way he reminds me of Simon). He’s already won over a large Canadian audience by landing in the top 4 of Canada’s CBC Searchlight Song Competition. Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65) calls his song ‘Kenya’, “completely irresistible” and tells of how one of the Song Competition judges “said that it seems as though this song was pulled from the future pages of the Canadian song book, which I think is a great compliment.

Anyway – I could go on forever, but I’ll let you see for yourself. Instead of posting a track and a video, I’m just posting this video so you can see his live vocal chops for yourself. This kid’s got something real special. Agreed?

Welcome Ben Caplan to the RHR Family!



Ben Caplan has a big voice, a big presence, a big vision, a big kick ass band**, and a big beard. We are so pleased to have him and all of the above as our newest signing to the RHR roster.

Another east coaster, Ben has been in the biz for quite some time. Honestly, we’ve also been watching him for quite some time. His music is a little outside of the box for sync (usually garnering big comparisons to Tom Waits), but sometimes that is exactly what is needed. Nobody puts Bennie in a corner!

Here are a few tunes from his new album, Birds With Broken Wings (MORE HERE), and below that – an excellent vid of he and Old Man Leudecke covering “Uptown Funk”. Welcome, Ben Caplan!

**this ‘big kick ass band is so great live that we’re also working on signing his fiddle player! 


Welcome Devarrow to the RHR Family!



Folky singer-songwriter Graham Ereaux can make you dance and cry. He can do it all within 11 songs. He is the one man band that is called Devarrow, and he is Rocking Horse Road Sync’s newest signing!

While he is an east coaster, this album was written on the west coast, in British Columbia. As a result, The Great Escape seems to be able to marry the vibes of each coast in to one beautiful alt-folk album.

Influences are not hard to miss here. Patrick Watson and Bon Iver come to mind, but it’s clear that Devarrow has his own point of view.

The live show is really something to see as well. As a one man band, Ereaux delivers his tracks with an intensity that some full bands can’t even deliver. With eyes on him this year at East Coast Music Week and Canadian Music Week, it won’t be long until you are hearing a WHOLE lot more about this guy!

Check this out! Live at The Company House. Make sure to watch to the end!



OH MAN, we’ve been wanting to talk about this for a little while now…

With the help of our UK representative, Steve Calder, Rocking Horse Road has landed its first true GLOBAL ad campaign with Philips! #RHRartist Jon Epworth covers The Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing” in a way that only Epworth can. We asked if he’d be willing to send a demo ahead, and Jon went in to the studio for a few hours where he played and recorded every instrument, sang and recorded all backup and main vocal parts, mixed the track and delivered it with a “what do you think of this?”.

We, like the good people at Philips, thought ‘*&%& yeah. That’s the one.”! The campaign is rolling out now worldwide, outside of North America. It will come to our North American stations later this year.

Check out JON EPWORTH’s current release, Jon Epworth & The Miracle Sweat HERE: jonepworth.bandcamp.com