Introducing: Coversion Music

What is Coversion? RHR’s new baby offers a catalog of sync focused, curated covers – providing fresh versions of known tracks – customized for use in your / your client’s media. We own the masters 100%, we move quickly, can help make changes, and we can help you clear the publishing through our clearance partners in Europe and North America, if needed.
Check out our first track below.

Perfect For Themes Of: Girl Power,  Independence, Feminism, Leading Ladies, Strength

This track is the Girls JUST wanna have fun for a new generation. Women who are fierce and proud and kick ass.

Key Lyrics: “I want to be the one to walk in the sun, oh girls they wanna have fun”

Brave The Dark

“Brave The Dark”
Perfect for themes of: Fortitude, Courage, Supporting One Another, Strength

Do you ever hear a song and that makes you believe you can do anything? It’s so empowering and positive that you think ‘man, I’m awesome!’. Well, that’s what our featured track “Brave The Dark” from RHR artist Bird Passengers does for us. It’s catchy, uplifting and groovy – seriously, try not to break out into a dance when listnening to it. Bird Passengers have released 3 EPs and are currently located in Sacramento.

Key lyricsRemember the sun that we lose in the weather. Remember we’ll always come back to the center. And after we live today, we can brave the dark


“I Lost The Crown”

Perfect for themes of: betrayal, heartbreak and loss of control or power

This week we have, for you, an exclusive first listen of “I Lost The Crown” by RHR artist The Mearielles. Think Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl (Queen B, anyone?) meets The Royals. It’s sassy, dramatic and damn catchy. These ladies are our own secret little super group (a clue is in the name), but we’ll leave it at that.

Key lyrics“I was in the pocket but I couldn’t lock it down. Said I’d never wait, lost the faith and lost the crown. I was in the running, didn’t see it coming or hear a sound – I lost the crown. I lost the crown.”



“Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

Perfect for themes of: friendship, home, family, familiarity, comfort

Hi friends and welcome to our very first sync themed song newsletter – which will be coming to your inbox every 3 weeks or so. Let’s not waste time dilly-dallying and get right to the good stuff. This week we’re sending you ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’ (Cheers, anyone?) by Canadian Dylan Menzie. It perfectly envelops how it feels to hangout with the ones you love and to be surrounded by that comfortable, familiar warmth of home. Menzie’s unique & powerful voice is unmistakable – his track ‘Kenya’ can currently be heard on Destination Canada’s latest promo vid.

Key lyrics: “I’ve been away such a long, long time but I’ll always call this place home. And if they ask you won’t you tell them. If they ask you won’t you say – I’m going to the place where everybody knows your name”


We have some very, very, very exciting news to share.. RHR is expecting and our new baby, Coversion Music, will be brought into the world at the September edition of London Sync Sessions (which is held in Barcelona this year, hello!). Coversion is a sync focused covers catalogue run by team of experienced music supervisors and industry professionals. We can’t wait to share this with you come September, but in the meantime you can follow Coversion on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for updates at :



You may have seen this on TV and thought ‘who is that badass singer’? Well, it’s our very own Jon Epworth! Thanks to our friends Steve and the team at SOHO Music Group in London and for making this happen! Not only did Jon lend his vocal, but he composed and mixed this track before work one morning. That’s a very Jon Epworth thing to do.

This has been airing in Europe since April or so. Since November it’s come to North America. So, now… it’s evvvvvvverywhere! Go team, go!




As I mentioned below (in the Ben Caplan post), I was most impressed by the violin player in his band, and it only took 30 seconds into the first track on this record by Donald MacLennan before I was completely sold. I hunted him down, set up a meeting while at ECMAs in Sydney, and I can now announce that he is now part of the RHR family!

I was thinking about how to describe this album and I decided that the write up on his site was too perfect to mess with, so I’m going to post that instead. “Riding the line between genius and madness.” – Can’t say it any better than that!

Chaotic, crisp, and riding the line between genius and madness. Antigonish-based musician Donald MacLennan’s anticipated debut solo album, Belleville, is a brilliant weave of sonic textures and arrangements rooted in the style of the formidable French guitarist Django Reinhardt. A modern twist to the traditional gypsy jazz approach, MacLennan blends both manouche and jazz standards with original compositions, showcasing his arrangements and improvisation with a laissez-faire not often anticipated in a debut record.

So – yeah – all that, PLUS a cover of “I Will Always Love You”. #WinHere it all here!


I met Dylan Menzie in person about a week ago in Charlottetown, PEI. It was the day that he released his new album, Adolescent Nature. I, along with some other delegates, were at a songwriter challenge listening session. Dylan came up to present one of his songs, and admitted that he had written (along with singer songwriter KASHKA), and recorded it in only 2 hours. He played it in that listening room and then performed it in a theatre later that night, and each time, it hit me in the face. Like, it ‘got to me’. This dude’s voice is something else. Team members Steve and Emma also agreed. Then I set out on a mission to nab him before anyone else did. Success! We got Dylan Menzie, and we couldn’t he happier.

While he often draws comparisons to Atlantic Canada’s own Joel Plaskett (which I understand), and Ron Sexsmith, this guy also has written some tracks here that Paul Simon would be proud to call his own. His music is both very honest and very catchy (which is another way he reminds me of Simon). He’s already won over a large Canadian audience by landing in the top 4 of Canada’s CBC Searchlight Song Competition. Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65) calls his song ‘Kenya’, “completely irresistible” and tells of how one of the Song Competition judges “said that it seems as though this song was pulled from the future pages of the Canadian song book, which I think is a great compliment.

Anyway – I could go on forever, but I’ll let you see for yourself. Instead of posting a track and a video, I’m just posting this video so you can see his live vocal chops for yourself. This kid’s got something real special. Agreed?



Ben Caplan has a big voice, a big presence, a big vision, a big kick ass band**, and a big beard. We are so pleased to have him and all of the above as our newest signing to the RHR roster.

Another east coaster, Ben has been in the biz for quite some time. Honestly, we’ve also been watching him for quite some time. His music is a little outside of the box for sync (usually garnering big comparisons to Tom Waits), but sometimes that is exactly what is needed. Nobody puts Bennie in a corner!

Here are a few tunes from his new album, Birds With Broken Wings (MORE HERE), and below that – an excellent vid of he and Old Man Leudecke covering “Uptown Funk”. Welcome, Ben Caplan!

**this ‘big kick ass band is so great live that we’re also working on signing his fiddle player!