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Senior Creative Sync Manager

Rocking Horse Road Productions is a small, independently owned music licensing company with a music supervision department, a boutique management department and its sync department, which represents RHR Music Publishing and Coversion Music – the sync focused covers catalogue.


RHR is currently looking for a full-time Sync Manager to take over the day-to-day running, and overall growth, of the sync department. This includes running the department fully on a day to day basis, so previous management experience is an asset.

We are looking for someone who will treat the department as their own personal business and not just a pay check. The Sync Manager position will offer a lot of freedom to the ideal candidate, but it takes someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a background in the industry to really lead a small worldwide team, and continue our growth trajectory. Even though there is a small team – this position is for someone who can be present and involved in all aspects of sync.

Because this is a home (or other) based position, the perfect Sync Manager can be based anywhere – but preference is for LA. However, if you think this is TOTALLY YOUR JOB, please apply.  Travel will be required. We need a strong and focused individual looking to make their mark on something and looking to make a real difference to a small business with a ton of potential.

The key responsibilities will include:

  • Learn and know the ins and outs of the current catalogues
  • Pitching catalogue songs to brief
  • Brief generation
  • Relationship management with artists and their teams
  • Liaising with pitch partners and growing that network worldwide
  • Attending events and conferences as needed
  • Defining the overall goals and procedures for the department
  • Drafting contracts and licenses and collect contracts for signature
  • A&R and submission review and responses
  • Promote and grow Coversion Music – at home and overseas
  • Oversee promotions and promotional and marketing tools updates

The ideal candidate will

  • Have a high level understanding and a background in rights clearance.
  • Already possess a vast array of contacts in the film, television, video game, advertising and trailer worlds.
  • Love to network – including attending parties and events. Must love people!
  • Be results based and goal oriented
  • Be proactive and be able to identify new opportunities
  • Have an extremely strong work ethic and drive
  • Know that ‘work hours’ in this type of business are not always straightforward
  • (Obviously) have a real passion and knowledge for music, the music industry, and music in media

Please send Salary expectations and resume or other type of creative application to: jb@coversionmusic.com

If you’ve landed some great syncs in the past, let us know. If you want to name drop, please do. We’re weighing everything very carefully to find the perfect person to join our team and lead the division to greatness.

Inaugral Canadian Sync Awards – Congrats, Janesta!

This past Saturday (May 12th) the inaugural Canadian Sync Awards were held during Canadian Music Week 2018, and put on by The Canadian Guild of Music Supervisors. Team RHR / Coversion’s very own Janesta Boudreau was up for the award ‘Best Music Supervision – Interactive’, for her work in Jurassic World: Evolution. As the only female nominated in this category, and the only Maritimer nominated across ALL categories, the nomination in itself was very meaningful. Not to our surprise though, Janesta won! An acceptance speech fitting for a Maritimer that started with the exclamation ‘Holy Shit!’, she was excited to say the least.

Bringing this award home to Rocking Horse Road is a huge step in the right direction, and we say (again) a massive congrats to JB and the whole team involved.

Check out the full list of winners here

Some photos from this years CMW. Full credit goes to Grant W. Martin Photography.

RHR Song of the Month: Healing


‘Like Summer’
RHR Artist Kyan’s timing for the release of the first single from his upcoming album ‘Nothing Beyond‘ couldn’t be more spot on if he tried. ‘Like Summer‘ is chilled out but at the same time filled with warmth, and is the perfect start to everyone’s favourite season. It’s a track that will speak to the darkness inside, but will certainly help to bring the light to life. The single officially goes to radio May 25th and Kyan’s Colors session will be out May 28th!
Good for Themes of: Summer, Healing, Renewal, Out of the Darkness, Acceptance, New Beginnings
Key Lyrics: “I’ve never felt that down, I’ve been to the edge and back around. And I never thought I’d make it out. Now I’m awake – everything feels likes summer”
Listen Here!

Coversion Song of the Week: LOVE

Deansgate Synchs

‘What Is Love’

The ‘Doug and Steve Butabi head nod’ takes a heartfelt turn in this lovely take on “What Is Love”. Featuring female vox filled with longing and heartbreak, this track would pair perfectly with a TV Spot or Promo.

Themes – Heartbreak, Naivety, Falling in OR out of love, Sadness, Separation

Coversion represents the master for sync. For licensing inquires please visit our website or contact JB.

Listen here.

RHR Sync Themed Song This Week: Fighting Back

Fighting Back

Gabrielle Papillon – “Keep The Fire”

Released as the first single from Gabrielle Papillon’s latest album of the same name, ‘Keep The Fire’ is a force to be reckoned with. The track has been featured on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings‘ playlist, CBC Music’s ‘Fall 2017 Preview: 21 Albums You Need to Hear‘ and getting tons more positive reviews online. Keep The Fire speaks to battling inner darkness, to finding strength within during moments of weakness – but overall (as Gab put it) ‘It’s an acknowledgment of being in a really bad place and then suddenly pushing back. Hard.’

Main Themes: Triumph, Fighting Back, Power, Inner Fire, Rebellion, Battling Personal Demons

Key Lyrics: “This is bad, I know it’s bad – there’s no way to keep the light on. This is bad, I know it’s bad – there’s no way to keep the fire on”

Listen below.

RHR Lands Macca’s Spot In AUS!

Dear Global Sync Community – we really got a hold on solving all sync-focused cover song needs

Today, as Coversion Music charges into North America, we are proud to announce our first official license for The Sync-Focused Covers Catalog — an Austrialian McDonald’s campaign. Known as Macca’s Down Under, we are elated that such a efficient and collaborative effort leads the sound of the campaign with two different featured spots to date.

So, how did this happen so quickly? Level Two Music from Australia found out about Rocking Horse Road’s newest member of the stable, Coversion, at our international debut at the Sync Summit in Spain last month. They quickly reached out and requested our version of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, “You Really Got A Hold on Me”.

We didn’t yet have this classic tune in our arsenal. So, they took a chance on us and we jumped into action producing the cover in less than 24 hours. Talk about reaching across the entire world in time and space! Wherever you are, whatever you need, Coversion is your go-to resource for covers.

To learn more about Coversion, check out our North American launch announcement. And, if you need any sync at all, reach out to Janesta Boudreau at jb@coversionmusic.com.

#whatevernext #maccas #gourmetcreations #coversongs #sync #Miracles

RHR Sync Themed Song This Week: Closing Borders


Kyan – Neighbours

The Cambridge born R&B/Soul musician has recently joined the Rocking Horse Road roster and we couldn’t wait to share his music with you. The stand out track from his latest release ‘Nothing Beyond’ (which was mastered at Abbey Road) is Neighbours – it’s the anthem we need for this day and age. This track is provocative, incredibly relevant to the current world state of affairs and proves he really has something to say. The rest of album is filled with songs that are dark with a spark of hope, have big builds and feature Kyan’s raw & powerful vocals. Just ask Reggie Yates – the two became pals at a recent Amnesty International event. Reggie’s been singing his songs since (just kidding but we wouldn’t be surprised).

Main Themes: Immigration, Xenophobia, Confronting Stereotypes, Injustice, Closing Borders

Key Lyrics: “This room is the only thing we trust, because the TV says the world out there is still too dangerous. This room is our woods and prairie now. And though we’ve had to sacrifice our open skies just to keep the neighbours out – we’ve got to keep the neighbours out.”

                                Click Here To Listen



Coversion Music – the sync-focused high quality covers catalogue is officially live! The company launched on Friday (the 15th) at the London Sync Sessions in Barcelona. If you missed the event or want to hear more – head on over to https://coversion.sourceaudio.com/#!home to browse through our current song selection. We’ve included a link to one of Coversion’s tracks below (if you needed any more convincing). Have a listen and see what we have to offer!

We own our masters 100% and you can try before you buy. Drop a track in to your media and show your clients immediately. We can also get you stems for you to make changes as needed.

Read Janesta’s interview re: Coversion and music supervising video games, including the recently announced Jurassic Park Evolution HERE.

www.coversionmusic.com / jb@coversionmusic.com