RHR’s New Exclusive Signing – The Stogies!


OK, confession time: I have been a day off all week long. I honestly honestly was holding off posting this post until Thursday so that I could make “Rubber Bone” the Thursday Track this week. Well, guess what? I missed Thursday. It is now Friday. I’ve been screwy all week, thinking every day was the day that just passed. Good first week back in the office with my two jobs, I’d say.

Anyhoooot – I would like to introduce you to The Stogies, Rocking Horse Road’s new exclusive signing for their new album HOOT. The Stogies are right cool. The Stogies are rock n’ roll. Sometimes classic, sometimes not so much. We are thrilled to have this record and since it’s now Friday, instead of Thursday, I shall post TWO of my choice tracks. Click the song title to listen! “Rubber Bone” (car commercial?) and “What Have You Done (For Rock n’ Roll Lately?)” (a valid question. best answer is ‘i placed a Stogies track’). 🙂

Happy Thursday / Friday!


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