2018 In A Nutshell

Friends of RHR, apologies it’s been so long, we have much to catch you up on.

2018 has been a big year for the team at Rocking Horse Road and Coversion Music. Not only have we secured some killer placements, but we’ve also travelled the globe. From Cannes to LA, Amsterdam to Truro, and everywhere in between, RHR has been working hard to become internationally recognized.

So, here’s a quick recap for you all.

The year started off with a bang, with RHR team member Janesta travelling to Northern Ireland for Output Belfast to chat about music supervision in video games.

The month of May began with RHR team members Janesta & Emma meeting in Halifax for the East Coast Music Week , followed by the two flying to Toronto travelling to Toronto for CMW (see previous post).

Shortly after returning home from a busy time in Canada for ECMW and CMW, Janesta hopped on a plane (again) and landed in Amsterdam for the 2018 BUMA Music in Motion conference. She shared her knowledge/experience working with cover songs in sync, and looked pretty damn professional doing so!

The spring also saw the release of “Jurassic World: Evolution”, the latest game from Frontier Developments and music supervisor Janesta Boudreau. She grabbed a nomination (and an award! See previous post) for her work on this (but more on that later…) and is currently working on a super, secret new game.

June was a busy month for owner/operator Janesta. Making two trips to the sunny location of Cannes, France. Her first trip was to the Midem Music Festival, where she spoke on a panel discussing music supervision in video games. She got to hang out with fellow music supervisors, and mingle with RHR Artist Toya Delazy.

Later in the month, team members Janesta and Emma traveled back to the beaches of the French Riviera for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Connections were made, celebrities were spotted and ocean meetings were invented. It was a week for the books!

Fast forward to August, Jetsetter-Janesta hopped back on a plane to travel all the way to Los Angeles for meetings, meetings and more meetings.

For the second year in a row, Janesta was nominated for ‘Best Music Supervisor –  Video Games’ at the Music Week Sync Awards for her work on Jurassic World: Evolution. While she didn’t walk away with a win this year, we’re looking forward to 2019 – third time’s the charm right?

Back in Canada, team member Emma travelled up to Truro, NS for another year of Nova Scotia Music Week. It’s always a great time to be surrounded by so many talented local artists, and Music Nova Scotia has worked hard to bring in delegates from all around the world – with a lot of focus on music supervision, naturally 🙂

That’s all for now friends, looking forward to a great 2019!

Inaugral Canadian Sync Awards – Congrats, Janesta!

This past Saturday (May 12th) the inaugural Canadian Sync Awards were held during Canadian Music Week 2018, and put on by The Canadian Guild of Music Supervisors. Team RHR / Coversion’s very own Janesta Boudreau was up for the award ‘Best Music Supervision – Interactive’, for her work in Jurassic World: Evolution. As the only female nominated in this category, and the only Maritimer nominated across ALL categories, the nomination in itself was very meaningful. Not to our surprise though, Janesta won! An acceptance speech fitting for a Maritimer that started with the exclamation ‘Holy Shit!’, she was excited to say the least.

Bringing this award home to Rocking Horse Road is a huge step in the right direction, and we say (again) a massive congrats to JB and the whole team involved.

Check out the full list of winners here

Some photos from this years CMW. Full credit goes to Grant W. Martin Photography.

RHR Song of the Month: Healing


‘Like Summer’
RHR Artist Kyan’s timing for the release of the first single from his upcoming album ‘Nothing Beyond‘ couldn’t be more spot on if he tried. ‘Like Summer‘ is chilled out but at the same time filled with warmth, and is the perfect start to everyone’s favourite season. It’s a track that will speak to the darkness inside, but will certainly help to bring the light to life. The single officially goes to radio May 25th and Kyan’s Colors session will be out May 28th!
Good for Themes of: Summer, Healing, Renewal, Out of the Darkness, Acceptance, New Beginnings
Key Lyrics: “I’ve never felt that down, I’ve been to the edge and back around. And I never thought I’d make it out. Now I’m awake – everything feels likes summer”
Listen Here!

Coversion Song of the Week: LOVE

Deansgate Synchs

‘What Is Love’

The ‘Doug and Steve Butabi head nod’ takes a heartfelt turn in this lovely take on “What Is Love”. Featuring female vox filled with longing and heartbreak, this track would pair perfectly with a TV Spot or Promo.

Themes – Heartbreak, Naivety, Falling in OR out of love, Sadness, Separation

Coversion represents the master for sync. For licensing inquires please visit our website or contact JB.

Listen here.

RHR Song of the Week: Hippopotamus

Jessica Hernandez
& The Deltas

‘I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas’

The Holiday season is upon us which means lots of eggnog, family, shoveling snow (our Canadian friends) and of course, long wishlists. What’s on Coversion artist Jessica Herandez & The Deltas list? Why, a hippopotamus of course. This fun, jazzy new take on the Gayla Peevey classic will keep you dancing all the way into 2018.

Courtesy of our friends at Instant Love, Coversion Music (a division of RHR) represents the master for sync.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday’s and will see you in the new year!

Listen / Download Here.



Coversion Song of the Week: CRAZY!

Ben Collier


Dark, brooding and oh so suspenseful – Coversion artist Ben Collier’s take on the Seal hit is just as the name describes, ‘Crazy’. This track has gotten the Seal of approval (JB showed him it on a flight from London to LAX – true story), and would fit perfectly in a trailer, a BIG film or a dramatic television show scene.

We own the commissioned master & all the stems 100% – making it easy to download, tweak and show your clients for immediate feedback.

Listen here. /