The Times, They Are A Changin’: RHR Sync Division Shuts Down as Growth Continues.

Wow – there is a lot to talk about here! Now that our artists have been informed, it’s time to let you all know that RHR Sync is closing down to make room for more music supervision and licensing projects going forward. We will take on fitting game and film projects, licensing duties for those projects who need administrative help, and we are able to offer music searches for projects that are looking for that juuuuuuust right piece of music. For our searches, we have hundreds of label, publishing, production music library, management and sync agency contacts worldwide. If we can’t find what you’re looking for… well, that would just be somethin’… 😉

This year started with wrapping up music supervision duties for the indie film Spinster starring Chelsea Peretti, and continued with signing on to another indie film by director Stephanie Clattenburg. It was also a pleasure to act as Music Coordinator for Murmur – which premiered at TIFF this year and walked away with an award!

In the gaming world, RHR supervised Frontier’s Planet Zoo, and DLC packs for Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution, including the “Ghostbusters” pack and the upcoming “Return to Jurassic Park” DLC, to name a few. RHR also produced the Planet Zoo Soundtrack (a true delight!) by J.J. Ipsen called “You, Me & Other Animals: The Music of Planet Zoo“.

While the one-stop artist sync division is closing, Coversion Music will live on, administered by Samantha Schilling at Songtradr in LA for America and Latin America (Coversion owned masters only), and by Cover Sauce throughout the UK and ROW (owned masters and third party masters). Please keep me on your cover search briefs because I now have access to more friggin’ covers than I know what to do with! I kid – we love covers. And briefs :).

TTFN and thank you for your continued support.



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