Heather Green FTW

I just put on the Heather Green album again (hear it on Rdio HERE), and it’s grabbed me all over again. How lucky are we to have her? EXTREMELY. I would recommend the following:

– get bbq. set up on patio.
– get a few beer (your choice on brand)
– play “Your Last War”
– grill. swig. listen. [dance if you feel like it]

You won’t regret this.

The Coast says:

“The second album of her young career, Heather Green’s Your Last War is a reverb- soaked pop-rocker that sounds like it was pulled from a nook between Radiohead’s The Bends and OK Computer. Dynamic layering gives the album a refined feel (unusual for a home recording) with handclaps and doubled vocals giving the record a gospel tone. From the feedback-laden and delay knob twiddling opening riffs of “Salvation” to the echoey cooing strains of “Hey Chelsea” Green’s vocals soar in the reverberated ice cavern that is Daniel Ledwell’s production. Not only is this album a testament to Green’s power as a performer, but a sign of Ledwell’s Daniel Lanois-esque depth as a sound engineer.”


Express and Company

This monday morning brings an exciting announcement! Express and Company are now part of the RHR roster!  The record, “Ontario”, is just so good. So so good.  Stream it on Rdio, or just download it on iTunes. You’ll like it. I promise.

Ontario is currently #3 on CBCR3 and #1 on the CBCR3 rock charts, and press response has been stellar. See a portion of No Depression’s interview below. Very proud to have E&C as part of the family. Enjoy!

No Depression on Express and Company‘s Ontario: “On Ontario, Ireland is a loyal student of one of the most time-honored laws of great writing – whether of song or literary: write what you know. It just so happens, most acts of the genre (whether you wish to call it Americana, country-folk, country-rock, roots music or alt-country) embrace themes of love, love lost, family and the open road. However, the best of the bunch – and Express and Company deserve the honor of being included in the upper ranks with these eight songs – paint honest scenes that appeal to sentimentality without being hammy, tug heartstrings without yanking off the chain, and craft rural prose that doesn’t strike the listener as hopelessly antiquated…I’ll go on record to say Ontario is the finest front-to-back record of its kind I’ve heard since Whiskeytown’s Pneumonia.

Love Shines


Well, there is chaos in Boston, with one marathon bomber dead, and the other on the loose. Every news network and morning program is updating the public, saying the same things.. waiting for suspect #2 to be captured. Bostonians have to stay inside. Communities are shut down. It’s very intense.

I decided to turn to a channel airing the Ron Sexsmith doc called Love Shines. It’s very well done, and I must admit, much more poignant and honest and personal than I had expected. It’s not ONLY about his recording with Bob Rock. It delves in to his past, his personality, and has incredible guest interviews (including one of the loves of my life, Daniel Lanois!). If you are feeling like you need a break from the chaos, I highly recommend this documentary. The trailer is here:

Be safe out there,



Quake – Corrado

I’ll keep this post very short. Our youngin’ Quake just released his best record yet (April 4th / Robin Steele Records). Listen on Rdio, stream on CBC Music or just.. go buy it already. Corrado is undoubtedly Rocking Horse Road’s pick of the week. Probably the month.

This is where I was going to embed the video. It’s not happening. Check it out here; “..and to think, i almost made a dance song.”  Amazing.

Joshua Van Tassel releases Dream Date

One of my very favourite RHR artist releases of 2013 already, Joshua Van Tassel‘s Dream Date is finally ready for the ears of the masses. Sitting on this one was difficult, indeed.  It’s released tomorrow, March 26th through Backward Music, and you can stream it right now HERE (CBC). It’s ambient. Some songs catchy and fun. Some songs haunting and sad. Some songs beautiful and soothing. All in all, solid as … whatever you consider very solid.  A rock, I suppose. A tree perhaps. Or an expletive, i.e. “Solid as *#%&”. I’m from Nova Scotia… that one resonates.

Listen and let me know what you think. And then you can buy it here.

 love, jb.


New Website!

WELCOME to the new Rocking Horse Road Productions website! As a professional, it seems like I should be cool about this… but I’m actually VERY excited. RHR’s very own home. Thanks a million to Glen Leck for whipping this up for us. I appreciate your help immensely.

Speaking of appreciation, may I just take a minute to give mad props to David Bowie on the new record? If you’ve not listened to The Next Day yet. just do it.  I was nervous for him, but that Bowie, he pulled it right out of the hat. Check it out on Rdio.  While we’re at it – a note of thanks also to Rdio. You give me music at my fingertips like no one ever before. I love thee.

Ok – so new news. RHR is off to Toronto for Canadian Music Week next week. Keep an eye out for RHR artists on various stages from Wednesday to Saturday. The schedule is below. See you THERE, yes?

Official first post is now done. Thanks for the eyes, my friends. -JB


Wed., Mar 20:
Rain Over St. Ambrose @ Cherry Cola’s – 10PM
SoHo Ghetto @ El Mocombo (downstairs) – 11PM
North Lakes @ The Rivoli – 1AM

Thu., Mar 21:
Ria Mae @ Clinton’s Tavern – Midnight

Fri., Mar 22:
The Meds @ El Mocombo – 9:30PM
The Meds @ The Dakota – 1AM

Sat., Mar 23
Jennah Barry @ The Rivoli – 6PM
Paper Beat Scissors @ The Rivoli – 7:45PM
Heather Green @ The Rivoli – 9:45PM