Express and Company

This monday morning brings an exciting announcement! Express and Company are now part of the RHR roster!  The record, “Ontario”, is just so good. So so good.  Stream it on Rdio, or just download it on iTunes. You’ll like it. I promise.

Ontario is currently #3 on CBCR3 and #1 on the CBCR3 rock charts, and press response has been stellar. See a portion of No Depression’s interview below. Very proud to have E&C as part of the family. Enjoy!

No Depression on Express and Company‘s Ontario: “On Ontario, Ireland is a loyal student of one of the most time-honored laws of great writing – whether of song or literary: write what you know. It just so happens, most acts of the genre (whether you wish to call it Americana, country-folk, country-rock, roots music or alt-country) embrace themes of love, love lost, family and the open road. However, the best of the bunch – and Express and Company deserve the honor of being included in the upper ranks with these eight songs – paint honest scenes that appeal to sentimentality without being hammy, tug heartstrings without yanking off the chain, and craft rural prose that doesn’t strike the listener as hopelessly antiquated…I’ll go on record to say Ontario is the finest front-to-back record of its kind I’ve heard since Whiskeytown’s Pneumonia.

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