RHR ARTIST SONG OF THE WEEK – MAY 15 + Other Placement News!

We received some exciting news today! The Little Ditties, our resident children’s artist (and Children’s Recording of the Year Winner at East Coast Music Week), was asked to perform for Camilla Parker-Bowles (still her last name?), Dutchess of Cornwall, at a family event for Victoria Day in Dartmouth, NS! Congrats to Jeremy, Shane, Dave and the Kevin the Kitten puppet, who will surely make her and the attending kids smile real big :).

In celebration of this, we’re going to make “The Cow Goes Moo” the Thursday Track this week. BEWARE – this one can get stuck in your head, big time whether you have kids or not. I’ve found myself, more than once, roaming around the streets singing “the cow goes moo, the cow goes moo, the cow goes moo and the horse does too…”. You know what? It’s ok. A good tune is a good tune, right?

The Little Ditties – The Cow Goes Moo


New Repartee!! Repartee’s new unreleased track “Nice Girls” will be placed in an upcoming episode of MTV’s Awkward (E408), which airs Tuesday, June 3rd. The episode will be streaming, following the air date on mtv.com, mtv.ca and other regional mtv sites!

If you missed SEED on City TV last week, you also missed Black Moor‘s “Hellraiser” in the background of the ‘tattoo parlour” scene! You can stream the episode (209 – Et Tattoo Brute) for the next little while at: http://www.citytv.com/toronto/shows/seed/ 


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