Oh my.. this Thursday Track is being posted on a Friday. I could say that I’ve been so busy or just so sick.. but honestly, I forgot to post this yesterday, as planned. But I will make it up to you by posting one of our most often placed artists, John Jerome & the Congregation.

JJ&TC was a very early signing at Rocking Horse Road in 2013. I was hooked on the first listen, and the band has gone on to be placed in MTV’s Teen Mom 2 (a few times now), the indie doc 30 Ghosts and a request just hit my inbox for another placement (cool coincidence, eh?).

The track I’ve chosen isn’t one that’s been placed, but it was the one that made me take notice that day last year when I hit play on JJ&TC the first time. Ah, the memories!

John Jerome & The Congregation – Great Claims of Grandeur

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