Christina Martin and Sorrey release new singles/ videos!

Two of our top ladies here at RHR have released new videos for their current singles. Take a looky below!

Christina Martin – You Ran From Me.

Directed by Kristy Wagner at home in Nova Scotia, this video is shot beautifully. It features a gorgeous horse, also 🙂 -oh and Miss Christina looks very much like the rockstar that she is. We love her so!

Sorrey – My Fault.

Our synth pop queen from PEI, Sorrey, has released a new video for the track, ” My Fault” from last year’s BRILLIANT debut Thick As Thieves. Fontwoman Emily Sorrey tells Exclaim!,

“The song is about a white-flag approach to an argument and resorting to the path of least resistance. There’s a certain immediate relief in surrender, and the video aims to capture the melancholic nature of this type of resolve.”

Hey Em,… nailed it!


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