It’s our pleasure to announce… JON EPWORTH & the MIRACLE SWEAT!


I’ve been pitching this album since last year, but it’s finally released! I absolutely LOVE Jon Epworth & The Miracle Sweat. If you know Jon from his days in Dean Malenkos and / or his solo stuff, you will know that this is still classic Jon – just grown up and a little more sophisticated.

Epworth now has a new point of view and some important things to say. You have to stay keen to the lyrics and you’ll get it, but ultimately – this is a soul / funk record full of Epworth’s signature combo of attitude and energy. Think Faith No More meets the Dap Kings. Think dancing in the kitchen while cooking or dancing in the street in New Orleans… think FUN.

Have some fun!

Have some more fun and listen to the whole damn thing:


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