RHR Announcement: The Rocking Horse Road Production Music Library


We have been keeping this project under wraps for what feels like eons, so I’m super thrilled to announce that, in the next few months, Rocking Horse Road will be launching its new production music library.

We’ve consulted with some of the best music supervisors in the TV / film / web and advertising worlds, and with a new manager at the helm (more on that later!), Rocking Horse Road is jumping headfirst in to the world of production music licensing.

Our new system will be very user friendly with pre-fab pricing, all one stop pre-cleared tracks, totally hassle free, and you can browse without signing in, etc. We aim to be as transparent as possible and deliver you high quality production music at a FAIR price.

If you are an artist or composer that has some pieces which you would like to share with us for review, or you want more information on being included in this library, please email us at the address featured on the contacts page.

If you are a library USER and you are not already on our music mail-out list, send along your email address and we’ll be sure to copy you on the official launch announcement!

Rocking Horse Road – your Atlantic Canadian sync agency – is growing. We are so excited!

– JB

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