RHR Signs Two Composers – Joel Thompson and Erasmus Talbot!


While gathering new tracks for the RHR production music library, we have found two composer / sound designers that were so great that we signed them to the RHR sync roster as well! Both are available for bespoke work and have pre-recorded tracks that could fit your project. More information on these guys, Joel Thompson and Erasmus Talbot, below!

JOEL THOMPSON is a Yarmouth, Nova Scotia native -which just happens to be my hometown as well, don’t ya know. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Joel started his career as a composer / multi-instrumentalist / mix engineer in Los Angeles. His resume includes work in film and television, including on HBO’s Big Love, ABC’s Forever, Nat Geo’s Great Migrations, and The CW’s iZombie. Please let us know if you would like samples of Joel’s work!

ERASMUS TALBOT 0f Stockholm, Sweeden, started as a sound designer and composer at Disney Interactive and now runs his own composing and sound effects studio, working for BBC, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and more. He is currently the composer for the UK video game series Elite: Dangerous, now in its second season. Check out a ‘behind the music’ video for that project, featuring Erasmus, HERE. You can also check out the Elite: Dangerous OST on Spotify!

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